Family Services

Sketch of multi-generation familyOur family services are "all-age" services which are aimed at engaging children and adults of all ages from toddlers up to 90+.

Children are involved in all aspects of the service: toddlers can help to carry the symbols involved with the service up to the chancel, while slightly older children may run the bubble machine - a great alternative to incense that always raises a smile, and a symbol of our prayers floating to God.

If you are old enough to read then you can help to lead the prayers, read the scripture or a tell a story to illustrate the theme of the service. If you have a musical gift then help to lead us in worship, or just play a reflective piece of music for us all to enjoy as we consider God's word.

Family services frequently involve sketches, performed by children of all ages, and the sermons (or talks) ask questions and invite everyone to join in. The hymns and worship at family services reflect what is sung in our schools - we have close contact with the two church schools in the benefice - and what is known by the wider community.

Family services normally take place on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Rous Lench and Harvington; the 4th Sunday at Church Lench and at festivals at Abbots Morton. Details are displayed on our calendar.

Do come and join us at a family service - see the calendar for details of the next family service near you!

(With grateful thanks to Miriam Latimer and for allowing us to reproduce the picture.)

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