Baptism is one of the most important decisions that anyone makes in their lives – right up there with "who am I marrying?" and "shall we have children?" In order to help you make the right decision you are invited to read the information in the section on "What is Baptism?".

Once you have read it and made a decision to have a service of baptism or thanksgiving, please get in touch with the Rector to discuss possible dates.

Picture of adult being baptisedAdult baptism

This is increasingly common in the Church of England and often takes place alongside Confirmation. Baptism is the necessary rite to become a member of the church during which one publicly acknowledges and accepts the unique offer of salvation offered by Jesus Christ. It is the beginning of a journey with God that continues for the rest of our lives.

In order to be baptised you would be invited to take part in a preparation course to introduce you to the basics of the Christian faith. The course will give you an opportunity to ask questions and develop your faith.

The service will take place either as part of a Confirmation, with a Bishop present, or as a stand-alone service with a local minister. 

Picture of baby being baptisedBaptism of children

The baptism of your child is an excellent decision, and arguably the most important decision that you will ever make for your child.

Because of its importance, we wish to explain what baptism is and, secondly, what alternative the church can offer if you feel that baptism is not what you are looking for.  

The final decision is yours, as parents, but this we hope will help you make an informed decision. 

Whatever your decision, all the churches in the ARCH Benefice will offer you and your family a warm welcome.

However, if you do not regularly attend church excluding weddings, baptisms or funerals and are not confirmed and have little interest in the Christian faith, then baptism is perhaps not the appropriate service at present.

But the Church would still like to help...

We can offer a Service of Thanksgiving for the birth of a child. It will be a great occasion: an opportunity to gather the family together and, importantly, it is a service that may meet your needs, without involving you in making promises that you do not really want to keep.

How much do baptisms or services of thanksgiving cost?

Nothing for the baptism or service itself. We do ask for a small fee of around £25 for the organist.

When do they take place?

Usually at 12.30 pm on a Sunday that suits the family. A conversation with the Rector will finalise the most suitable date. They can also take place within a usual Sunday service; the timing varies depending upon which church is being used.

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