Picture of confirmation service A confirmation service is the service at which a person “confirms” the vows that were taken on their behalf at baptism. It is a public confirmation of a commitment to the Christian faith and membership of the church.

Can I be confirmed if I have not been baptised?

No, but you can get baptised and confirmed at the same service. So not being baptised does not mean that you cannot be confirmed.

Who might consider confirmation?

At the top of the list are those who have recently become God parents and are not “confirmed”. It is difficult to perform the spiritual obligations that were promised as a God parent if you are not confident in the faith. Being a God parent is a lot more than remembering God children’s birthdays and Christmas presents.

Next on the list is anyone who has an established link with the church and regards themselves as a regular worshipper. The link could be established through family services, and you now feel that you are ready to make a public commitment about your faith. There is a suggested minimum age of 12 years old, but there is no maximum.

So what next?

If you are interested, contact the Rector. You will then be enrolled on a preparation course, which provides an opportunity to further explore the Christian faith so you understand what you are undertaking.

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