Service of Thanksgiving for the birth of a child

First a question: why are you wanting your child baptised?

Maybe it is because the birth of your child is a new chapter in the life of the family and you want to draw everyone together, both young and old for a special celebration. 

Perhaps you simply want an occasion to thank God for the precious gift of your new child and for its safe delivery.  

If these are your excellent reasons for having a celebration, we can offer a Service of Thanksgiving. It will be a great occasion, and an opportunity to gather the family together. The service also includes the need for sponsors: a kind of Godparent; people who will promise to play a significant part in the life of your child as it grows up. 

Importantly, it is a service that may meet your needs, without involving you in making promises that you do not really want to keep. The occasion will be enjoyable, because it will have real meaning and integrity for you, as you feel now. 

Wait! I do want to come to church to worship God and discover more about Christianity and the life of faith. I want this for me and my child.

Maybe you feel you want to start attending church as a family and discover a fresh faith in God? Maybe you want to discover a deeper purpose and a meaning to life for you and your child?

Join us at one of our Family Services (or any other service) where you will receive a warm welcome.  

If you would like to attend a course that will introduce you to Christianity and discover what it is really about, contact the Rector.

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