What's Been Happening at Abbots Morton

Flower Festival 2015

This year's Flower Festival was another delight with St Peter's church beautifully decorated with some amazingly inventive floral displays. The arrangements this year were on the theme of "Favourite Hobbies" and a great range of pastimes were depicted in flowers and accompanying props. Particularly eye-catching were the First Class Stamp and the Jigsaw Puzzle but all were splendid. The PCC is grateful for the efforts of everyone who took part, making the church particularly lovely.

A floral display representing a postage stampA floral display representing a 3D jigsaw


Flower Festival Lunch

The Flower Festival lunch in the village hall which followed the service on June 28th was a very pleasant occasion. Thank you to Lynne Pemberton and all her team of helpers who prepared and cooked a fabulous lunch and to the helping hands who put up the bunting, giving the village hall a particularly festive feel.

A floral display representing a 3D jigsaw